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4 Ways to Support Yourself This Solar Eclipse

Today’s solar eclipse and new moon in Aries combined with Mercury in retrograde, can stir up some intense energy. I’ve noticed that I’ve been experiencing unexpected changes and chaotic energy, leaving me feeling unsettled. Here’s what I’ve been doing to help ease the discomfort:

1️⃣ Grounding: I’ve been placing my feet on the earth and spending time in nature.

2️⃣ Staying Present: My brain has been going out to the future, bringing up so much anxiety from the uncertainty I’m feeling in my life. I’m using my breath to remain present and remind myself that I will figure it out. I always do.

3️⃣ Self-Care Rituals: I love spending time on my infrared/PEMF mat, taking time in the hot tub, and connecting with my inner child to help her feel safe.

4️⃣ Release and Surrender: I am being tested to trust and surrender, and as soon as I do that, miracles have been coming through. I am trusting that everything is working out for my highest good.

Today, I’m hosting my New Moon Circle, where we’ll move energy, ground ourselves, and gain clarity amidst this intense energy. As my gift to you during this crazy time, you can join for free using the coupon code “eclipse”. Sign up now to reserve your spot. Replay is also available 🌙✨

Plus, it’s a sneak peek of what you can expect at our upcoming retreat in the magical setting of Idyllwild, which is happening in just 3 weeks! There’s still room to join us. Learn more about the retreat here or email me at to reserve your spot💫


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