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5 Manifesting Mistakes That Could Be Blocking You

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Do you have goals you’ve been working towards, but you're feeling frustrated that they're not manifesting? It's possible you're making one of these common manifesting mistakes.

Mistake # 1. Your limiting beliefs are getting in the way

Our limiting beliefs and learned behaviors can keep us stuck. We start picturing another life, but a big part of us doesn’t actually BELIEVE we can have it. Our subconscious mind kicks in and keeps us in the same job, relationship, or situation. Your brain knows how to handle those things, but that is not going to bring the change you’re looking for.

Mistake # 2. You are not being clear enough

Get specific with your goals. Don’t just say “I want to be rich, I wish I could leave my 9-5, I wish I could travel more, I wish I could find love.” Tell the universe where you want to travel to, what type of partner you want. How much more money you want to make.

Mistake # 3. You are not attaching FEELING to your manifestations

Not only is it important to visualize your ideal life, but how do you FEEL having your dreams realized. Practice feeling the joy, the relaxation, and the freedom in your body while you imagine your goals.

Mistake # 4. You are not taking aligned action

You have to take consistent, small, aligned action steps towards your goals. Every step you take affirms to the universe this is your new reality. Be patient and keep moving forward.

Mistake # 5. You are comparing yourself to others

Comparison is a major stressor and social media doesn’t help with that. Remember we have our own journey. My timeline is not your timeline. Trust yourself and know you are also worthy of receiving. And flip the jealousy to show you what can be possible for you too!

Want to stop making manifesting mistakes? Join me and just a few others as we go on a journey to find clarity, get aligned, and embody our goals. Mastermind is a 12-week container to get you closer to your goals. You’ll also get the chance to work with me 1:1 to reprogram limiting beliefs. Each week you’ll get group coaching calls and aligned homework to jumpstart your progress! Apply now for our next Mastermind group!

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