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5 Tips To Get A New Habit To Stick

Do you find it difficult to start something new or create a new habit? Here are 5 tips to get your new habit to stick. 🗓 Consistency is key. Challenge yourself to take small steps every day or create a schedule where you are doing this new habit on a regular basis. I like to add it to my calendar and sometimes I even set an alarm so that I don’t forget to do it (or make up an excuse for why I can’t today). 🙇🏻‍♀️ Be Imperfect. Those of us who are perfectionists, tend to stop ourselves from taking action because we want to make sure we first know how to do it perfectly. Allow yourself to be imperfect, it’s going to take time and practice before you get really good at this new habit. The only person judging you is yourself. Be kind to yourself and try to have fun with it. 👯‍♀️ Do it with a buddy. Having someone to check in with and hold you accountable will keep you motivated and encourage you when you’re wanting to give up. 🥳 Celebrate yourself. Even if it feels silly, tell yourself how proud you are of moving towards your goals. It all takes effort, commitment, and changing your mindset. It’s not easy, so when you accomplish a goal, reward yourself to keep the momentum going. 🧠 Join a group. With The Collective, you’ll have a safe space to share resources and ideas, learn new healing modalities, and manifest your dreams by tapping into the collective energy — faster than if you did it alone. Ready to create new habits with the help of an amazing community? Join The Collective here.


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