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Celebrating 19 years living in Los Angeles

Ana Lilia against the LA skyline

This month I’m celebrating 19 years living in Los Angeles. It seems like just yesterday that I arrived in this vibrant city at the age of 23, with only $2000 in my bank account and an unshakable faith that everything would fall into place.

As I look back on my journey, I am overwhelmed by the experiences and growth that have shaped me. The greatest gift LA has given me is the opportunity for healing. I've embarked on an inward journey that has allowed my inner child to feel safe and secure, free from the burden of responsibility for others' lives.

In this bustling city, where the chaos once felt like a comforting presence, I now find myself yearning for a slower pace, immersed in nature, and seeking peace. Perhaps it's my nervous system finally finding its equilibrium, but the urge for tranquility and connection with the natural world is becoming stronger than ever.

I recognize that I am not the same person who bravely stepped into this city all those years ago. I've shed societal expectations and the conditioning that shaped me, choosing instead to live life authentically, aligned with my own dreams and aspirations. LA has shown me what's possible, expanding the horizons of my dreams and inspiring me to dream even bigger.

Although I'm uncertain how much longer I'll remain in this city, one thing is certain: I am immensely grateful for all that LA has given me. It has played a significant part in shaping the woman I've become today.

Thank you and I love you, LA. 🌴☀️🌊💞

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