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Connect With Your Inner Child

After yesterday’s IG Live with my dad, my inner child felt so proud of herself and my dad. For so long she felt responsible for his sobriety. She thought he didn’t love her. She couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t stop drinking and stop harming himself and our family.

After years of therapy and many healing modalities, she doesn’t feel that way anymore. She knows that she’s not responsible for him and can’t save him. She now feels loved and close to our dad. And continues to help him (in a healthier way) and remind him he’s not alone.

In my Summer of Self-Love challenge, there’s an exercise where you write a letter to your younger self. I connected with my 10 year old self and told her how brave she is and what an amazing daughter and sister she is. It was such a powerful and healing exercise that I recommend each of you do at some point in your life. It helps to bring validation to the parts of us that feel unheard and unseen.

You can download this exercise for free in my Self-Love challenge, get it now for free before summer ends.

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