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Happy Fall Equinox

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Happy fall equinox. While fall encourages us to start to slow down, I’ve been in creation mode…I’m about to launch The Collective, a year long membership to help you get aligned, expand and transform your life. And after a very busy month and no days off, I decided to create a two hour pause in my day today and head to the beach. (Also taking advantage of the last days of summer weather). Also, I’m obsessed with @ellenmariebennett book Dream First, Details later. Basically it’s my life philosophy, start taking action on your ideas. And the fact that it’s written by a Latina is even more inspiring. Thank you @ellenmariebennett for sharing your journey with us and inspiring us to follow our dreams. ✨

Want to be the first to know more details about The Collective, get on my waitlist. Click here! 💛

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