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Happy Full Moon in Virgo

Feeling a little weary and worn out? The Full Moon in Virgo invites us to turn inward and focus on self-care. It’s time to pause, reflect, and realign ourselves.

Are you giving more than you can give?

Are there areas in your life that are out of balance?

Take some time to reflect on how you’re showing up in life and where are there misalignments. Maybe it’s time to manifest a new reality.

Join Edith @earth_crystals_con_amor and me tomorrow, on Sunday, February 25th, at 3 PM PST for a Full Moon Circle designed to guide you back to balance. Together, we will set intentions, practice transformational breathwork, and experience a live channeled reading from Edith, who’s a psychic medium.

Secure your spot now (if you missed it, check out my Upcoming Events for more like this). This event is brought to you by The Collective - my membership dedicated to supporting your healing and expansion journey.

Let’s come together under this Full Moon in Virgo, recenter ourselves, and come back to your power. See you there! 🌕🌟💕

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