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Happy New Moon in Virgo

Happy New Moon in Virgo

Happy New Moon in Virgo ✨🌑

Today’s new moon energy is pushing us forward and inviting us to be productive in the areas of our lives that need it most. This energy will bring us a fresh and organized start.

So whether you need to declutter a physical or mental space, it’s time to cleanse away distractions and anything else that’s holding you back.

After creating new space, set intentions for what you’re calling into your life. Let’s use this Virgo energy to get practical with our action plans and start manifesting.

Looking to immerse yourself in this powerful energy? Join us today at 5pm pst at our monthly New Moon Circle. We begin with intentional journal writing, we release with a fire ceremony, manifest with breathwork, and get guidance and clarity with an oracle reading by Edith.

To secure your spot, simply head here to sign up. And remember, if you're part of my membership The Collective, attendance is free. Happy Manifesting! ✨🌙✨

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