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How Are You Surviving This Mercury Retrograde?

How are you surviving this Mercury retrograde? For me, things are feeling hard right now. I’ve been looking for a new place to move into (which needs to happen by May 1), and things keep falling through. Thanks, Mercury Retrograde. Plus, my emotions are amplified, making me want to throw a pity party for myself. Can you relate?

So as a way to support myself during this intense time, I’m using my tools. I just did a breathwork session where I let myself feel and express my feelings. I cried, I screamed, I connected with my inner child and then I went back to trusting that everything is going to work out. Phew, I’m feeling so much better and lighter after doing breathwork.

This is your reminder to let yourself feel, whatever it is that’s in your space right now. Don’t judge yourself, don’t make yourself wrong. We are human and sometimes life feels hard and things don’t go our way. You’re not alone and here for you if you need support. xo Ana

P.S. You have two days left to book your spot for my upcoming Spring Retreat. We are going to be processing all the things that have come to the surface during this Mercury Retrograde and shift our energy to one of empowerment. Learn more about the retreat here or email me at now to claim your spot.🌻

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