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How to build your healing & wellness biz - Free workshop!

So you decided you wanted to help people and you became a healer, wellness practitioner, yoga teacher, spiritual teacher, or therapist. But since getting your certifications and training, things just haven’t clicked. Maybe you’re dealing with imposter syndrome. Or perhaps it’s been hard to make a living out of your offerings. Maybe you haven’t felt ready to start (btw, you’ll never feel 100% ready to start). Yet a voice inside of you tells you, don’t give up. This is my soul’s purpose. Plus, other people seem to be doing it, so why not me? Over the past 7 years, not only have I been helping people heal, but I’ve also been mentoring and coaching people to launch their businesses in my Masterminds, through my executive coaching and my 1-1 practice. I also have created an ethical and authentic business that has generated over $750k in sales. Join this free workshop to get unstuck and learn some simple steps to jump-start your business. Plus, you will be invited to join The Mentorship to continue the momentum, take your side hustle, and make it into a sustainable and authentic business that will transform people’s lives. P.S. If you can’t attend live you will be emailed the recording. See you Monday!

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