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I felt like an imposter when I started doing breathwork.

I hosted my first breathwork circle Nov 15, 2015. I reach out to my friends and invited them to come over to breathe. “Breathe?” They asked. Yes, breathe. 4 people showed up, plus their dogs. I was nervous, scared, and felt like an imposter. I also didn’t know if they would have an experience the way that I did when I first did breathwork. I took a deep breath and surrendered. I reminded myself that this wasn’t about me, this was about my friends and introducing them to a powerful tool - breathwork. During their hour session, they released what no longer served them. I got to witness their courage, love, and support for each other. After this first session, I knew I wanted to share this practice with more people. But I didn’t know how I was going to do it. I just set the intention. Fast forward to today…having done over a thousand healing sessions. Not only have the lives of my students and clients changed, but it has had a ripple effect on their loved ones. And many have decided to go into the healing arts because they had such a profound, life-changing experience and they too wanted to share it with their community too. I have learned so much as a facilitator and entrepreneur. And I’m going to share all my secrets and tools that have allowed me to not only create a positive impact in the world but to have the best job ever in my new program The Mentorship! Click here to learn more about The Mentorship, we start June 1. Or join the free workshop I’m hosting Monday, May 22 to get your questions answered.

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