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Learning How to Cleanse

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

This weekend at my Fall Retreat, my sister @ranchocolibri_ taught us how to make smudging bundles. Not only does smoke cleansing help clear negative energy in your home, it also helps to reduce airborne bacteria!

There are different tools you can use to conduct this sacred cleansing and healing ceremony. Native Americans tend to burn bundles of dried white sage. Other cultures (such as Egyptians and Indians) prefer to use lavender or cedar smudge sticks. You can use rosemary too. These days, you can even find white sage spray if you have a smoke sensitivity.

Once you’ve fully cleaned your space of clutter, you can clear out negative energy by lighting your chosen tool and blow out the flame so that only a glowing ember remains. Wave your cleansing tool around your head and body first, to cleanse yourself of negative energy. Then, proceed to do the same in every part of your house, moving from room to room. I like to repeat a mantra as I’m smoke cleansing, “light and love.” Make sure to get in the corners, too! Open all of the windows and doors so you can waft the smoke (and the negative energy) out of your home.

Have you smoked cleansed before?

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