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Let me introduce myself...

Let’s get to know each other. Here are 10 things you might be surprised to learn about me.

1. I was born and raised in Napa, CA. 🍇 (No, my parents don’t own a winery.)

2. My parents are from Calvillo, Aguascalientes Mexico, the capital of guavas.

3. I doubled majored in Mass Communications and Spanish Literature at UC Berkeley. Sí, hablo español.

4. I’ve been a certified breathwork coach for 6 years. And combine my clairvoyance gifts into my practice to create a deep healing experience.

5. I didn’t like eating chocolate 🍫until I discovered @carartisanchocolate a couple months ago. Now it’s part of my monthly budget

6. My body loves to ground with a hot bath, a dip in some hot springs, or a swim in the ocean.

7. I’m a Sagittarius, with my Sun rising in Sagittarius, my Moon rising in Sagittarius and my Mercury rising in Sagittarius. In other words, I am a seeker, optimist, I love adventures, communicating, thinking and problem solving, self-improvement and a master manifester. ♐️

8. I LOVE FOOD. Farm to table, Michelin star restaurants are on my vision board. Life goal: travel the world to eat at the most amazing restaurants.

9. I listen to music everyday! Music heals my body and mind (and my client’s). It’s my therapy, my joy, and I’m constantly on the hunt for new music. You can find 100s of playlist on Spotify and Apple Music under @breathewithana

10. I’ve been a plant collector way before it became a thing to do. It’s a way I decompress, brings me to the present moment, reminds me of the cycles of life and brings so much beauty to my home.

You’re turn! Share in the comments something unique about yourself.

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