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New Moon Checklist

New Moon Checklist - 1-Show the world who you are, 2-Dream bigger, 3-It's time to roar.

Today’s powerful new moon is inviting you to shine brightly and express your creativity with confidence. Leo's energy encourages us to tap into our authenticity and show the world who we truly are. 🌟

Take a moment to reflect on your passions and dreams. What sets your soul on fire? Channel your inner strength and make a commitment to pursue your passions boldly!

This new moon also invites us to connect with our heart's desires and set intentions that align with our truest selves. Remember, you are worthy of everything you envision for yourself!

Embrace the Leo-like bravery and take risks in sharing your unique gifts with the world. Let go of any self-doubt and fear that might be holding you back. It's time to roar! 🦁

Today, Wednesday, Aug 16 @ 5 pm pst, I’m hosting my New Moon Circle. We will be connecting with our dreams, manifesting, and receiving a live oracle card reading by Edith to validate what next steps you should take. Sign up here. 🌙✨

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