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New Moon in Gemini Affirmations

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

New Moon in Gemini Affirmations. I embrace growth and transformation in  all aspects of my life.  I trust and honor my inner knowing to guide me in every phase of my life.  I communicate my thoughts and feelings clearly and with confidence.  I adapt to change easily and embrace new experiences.  I use my creativity to bring joy  and positivity into the world.

🌙 Tap into the energy of this new moon in Gemini to manifest your dreams! Here are some affirmations to help you.

The new moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and is an excellent time to set new intentions and manifest what you want to create in your life. It’s a time to take a leap of faith, trust yourself and the Universe.

Here are some steps you can take to harness the powerful energy of the new moon:

1️⃣ Take a few moments to reflect on what you're currently feeling called to manifest. What are your goals and desires? What would you like to call into your life?

2️⃣ Write down your intentions and goals on a piece of paper. Be as specific as possible, and state them in the present tense, as though they have already come to fruition.

3️⃣ Light a candle, meditate, or perform any other ritual that helps you feel grounded and connected to the energy of the new moon.

4️⃣ Take a few deep breaths and visualize your intentions being realized, feeling the emotions and sensations as if they've already happened.

5️⃣ Release your intentions by burning your piece of paper or burying it in the earth. Trust that the universe is conspiring to bring your desires into reality.

Want to do these rituals in community?

Join my New Moon Circle on Monday, June 19, to align you with your goals and desires. We will be doing a fire ceremony, journaling, breathwork, and getting a live oracle card reading by Edith.

Be part of the magic by clicking here to save your spot. If you’re in The Collective, this workshop is included in your membership.

🌟Happy manifesting! 🌟

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