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⭐ Ready for an upgrade? ⭐

Many people have asked me over the past few months when the Dream Bigger Mastermind would return.

This mastermind was born in 2020.

In its past rounds, it created so many dreamy transformations and lifelong connections.

And just like we have all grown and changed since 2020, the Dream Bigger Mastermind has gotten a glow-up of its own!

Here’s what’s changed:

🌟 It is now a 6-month container (instead of 12 weeks) to help you really lean into the support of this life-changing group.

🌟 You’ll also get THREE 1:1 breakthrough sessions with me, plus Voxer support, on top of the incredible group calls and support.

🌟 Get free access to my monthly membership, The Collective! Gain exclusive access to The Collective’s masterclass library of healing modalities and meditations, along with entry to multiple monthly events like the moon circle🌙 and breathwork sessions.

It is truly going to be next-level! And I hope to see you as part of this intimate 10-person group.

We start next month and applications are open right now!


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