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The Mentorship

Calling all healers and wellness practitioners... I'm so excited to share that I am launching a brand new program called The Mentorship on June 1! The Mentorship is to help healers, spiritual teachers, and wellness practitioners create a sustainable business, all while helping people heal. For years, many of you have asked me to mentor you. Plus, after hosting Masterminds for the last 3 years and hiring healers for my events and The Collective, I want to help you not only make an impact in people's lives but also feel confident in your business. If you are a healer, coach, yoga teacher, or wellness instructor, The Mentorship is for YOU! Each week, we will have lessons and practices. From creating a business plan, to branding and marketing, to creating a niche audience, to money conversations. After the 3 months in The Mentorship, you will have clarity on what your offerings are, how to attract new clients, and allow your side hustle to become an actual business. Click here to learn more! ✨

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