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We’re wrapping up the first week of 2023!

We’re wrapping up the first week of 2023! How are you feeling? Are you still processing the holidays? Several people have DM’d me to share they’ve been feeling tired and don’t want to “start the new year.” 🙃

If you could use some help releasing the stress, worry and busyness of the week, join Community Gathering tomorrow Saturday from the comfort of your home to breathe, release tension and be in community.

"Connecting with others reminded me I'm not alone. I am so grateful to have discovered this community and the beautiful space you have created. Community Gathering is a sanctuary."

- Alivia Stewart

You are NOT alone! Join us for Community Gathering tomorrow Saturday January 7 at 10am pst.

Busy tomorrow morning? No worries, you'll get the recording to breathe when you have time.

Sign up here xo

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