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Who is The Mentorship for?

Who is The Mentorship for?

You consider yourself spiritual and in tune with your gifts but don’t know how to make it into a sustainable practice. Maybe you're just starting out. Or you have your certifications and healing tools, but you haven't been able to show up consistently for your healing business.

You might be a…

Spiritual life coach

Holistic nutritionist


Meditation teacher

Psychic or intuitive

Tarot reader


Reiki and Energy healer

Astrologist or Numerologist

Yoga Instructor

Crystal Healer

Candlemaker or have an

Aromatherapy Service


Sound healer

Breathwork coach




If you…

Have a deep desire to share your gifts and create a positive impact in the lives of others

Want to understand how to bring in clients and build your business with practical steps

Want to feel empowered in your business to stop the cycle of


Want to learn how to create a successful and sustainable business that you love

Feel called to make a massive difference in the world through your spiritual, healing, or wellness practice

The Mentorship was designed for you.

Whether you’re just starting or you have been holding space but find it challenging to book consistent clients, The Mentorship will support you in reaching the next step.

You will be guided to turn your unique gifts into a meaningful spiritual or healing practice that is sustainable and thriving.

Click here to learn more. ✨

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