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Ancestral Healing Workshop

Have you experienced an Ancestral healing session? As we know, the past doesn’t disappear. The painful histories that our ancestors endured as well as their wisdom lingers and are within us. They create the patterns of who we are and who we are becoming. We inherit a legacy of both strength and pain that shapes our lives. However, it is in our power to transform our families’ traumas into blessings, and their wounds into wisdom. We can learn to release the patterns and behaviors that have come down to us and strengthen and energize the legacies that are positive and life-giving. The more awareness we have about what our ancestors and families went through in the past, and the patterns that grew out of what they endured, the more compassion we naturally have for those who came before us and for ourselves. The more compassion we have for our people and for ourselves, the less reactive and fearful we become, and the more freedom we have to choose how we want to live our lives and what we want to pass down to our children. Tomorrow Saturday, June 11, Carina Ponce is our guest healer in The Collective. She is going to be leading a workshop to teach us how to connect with and heal the emotional wounds of our ancestors. Want to learn more about the cool workshops we host in The Collective? Click here to see what’s coming up. ✨ 💛 This is a picture of my ancestors in Mexico.

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