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Breathwork Retreat

I'm so excited to announce this year's breathwork retreat will be taking place in Sedona, Arizona! Sedona is one of the most powerful healing centers in the world, making it the perfect location for a breathwork and healing retreat. Sedona is located where the Earth’s energy lines cross, creating vortices of healing energy. A trip to Sedona will help to rebalance your chakras, ignite your passion for life, heal old wounds, and bring back that spark for life! At the Breathwork Retreat, you'll continue your healing journey with in-person healing practices and ceremonies while connecting with Mother Nature. You'll get the chance to disconnect from things that aren't serving you and come back to your spirit and body, plus you'll be able to meet people who are on a similar journey and create lasting memories. Retreat Details ✨ When: Friday, September 1 - Tuesday, September 5 (Labor Day weekend) ✨ Location: Sedona, AZ ✨ Intimate healing retreat with only 8 spots left Here's what is included: ✨ 4 nights/5 days in a vacation sanctuary in Sedona, AZ ✨ All meals during the retreat (minus one lunch) ✨ Healing workshops and ceremonies with Ana and guest healers ✨ Full Moon Ceremony and Intention Setting ✨ Exploring Sedona's Energy Vortices ✨ Post-retreat Group Integration Call via Zoom Spots are filling up fast! You can choose a single or double room. Or if you have questions, please reach out! I hope to see you in person to unplug, indulge, and relax! xo, Ana

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