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Change Your Mindset To Achieve Your Goals

One of the reasons I love hiking so much is because it’s a mental challenge. Yes, it’s physically challenging too, but you’re able to override so much with your thoughts. Your mindset is everything when doing something difficult and new. When I’m hiking I like to set goals for myself and push myself to do something I don’t think is possible. (Like run at 9800 ft on a volcano) I’m constantly flipping my thoughts to be affirming and positive.

What I do for myself when hiking is what I help my RESET clients with: change their mindset to help them achieve their goals. When I first meet my clients, they tend to have stories and beliefs about themselves that keep them stuck, doubting themselves, and affect their self-confidence. During the 12 weeks that we work together, I take them on a personalized journey to heal the parts of them that feel scared, unsafe, and don’t trust. We build a new “evidence bank” of examples that shows them they are capable, deserving, worthy, and loved.

And then they start to show up in their life with a new outlook. They practice using their voice and set boundaries. They take calculated risks and start to trust their intuition. They become braver and feel empowered.

"My time participating in Ana Lilia’s Reset Coaching program has been unbelievably transformative. I could not have even imagined the changes that I have been able to make and the blessings that I have been able to manifest with Ana's support. I am beyond grateful for the experience, guidance and support that Ana's coaching has provided. Her one-on-one time and attention provided me with the type of nourishment that I needed to be able to grow past old mindsets and release old trauma. I cannot recommend this enough. In reviewing and reflecting on where I started and where I am now, there is a definite shift in how I am able to perceive challenges and approach stress with tools that give me peace and healing. " ~ Maggie

If you are ready to get unstuck, take control over your life, gain clarity, and feel confident and empowered to live the life you desire, then RESET is right for you. Click here to schedule a free 30 min clarity call with me.

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