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What is your relationship to anger?

For so long I was afraid of anger and was easily triggered when I felt someone was "yelling" at me or got upset. Anger is a natural, instinctive response to threats.

We might experience anger if we feel:

• attacked

• deceived

• frustrated

• invalidated or unfairly treated

And it can sometimes be useful:

• help us identify problems or things that are hurting us

• motivate us to create change, achieve our goals and move on

• help us stay safe and defend ourselves in dangerous situations by giving us a burst of energy as part of our fight or flight system

However, anger becomes a problem when we have trouble controlling it, causing us to say or do things we later regret.

You may have anger issues if:

• you feel angry often

• your anger is impacting your relationships

• your anger is hurting others

• your anger causes you to say or do things you regret

• you’re verbally or physically abusive

• your reaction is exaggerated to the situation

• you're passive aggressive

Lately, I've been helping my RESET 1-1 coaching clients identify what the core issue is around their anger. We then develop strategies to keep those triggers from tipping them over the edge.

Ready to have more control over your emotions? Sign up here for a FREE 30-minute consultation to learn how I can help. ✨

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