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I’ve been feeling a lot of anxiety and stress in the collective energy. I know some people are still processing Thanksgiving weekend. Others are starting to feel anxious about holiday travel and being around family. Covid is still happening. And a lot of other scary stuff out in the world.

If you need a safe space to release the stress, worry, and trauma, join us at our last Community Gathering of the year. It’s taking place tomorrow Saturday December 4 at 10am pst. This is a virtual breathwork class that will leave you feeling lighter, grounded and calm.

"Love love love Ana Lilia. Her Community Gathering on Saturday mornings is always what I need and sets the tone for the weekend and following week. Highly recommend."

- Claudia L.

If you can't join live, you'll be emailed the recording so you can breathe when you're able to. I look forward to seeing you there. Sign up here xo ✨

📷 @ldpicnics

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