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EP 34. From Educator to Healer with Guest Saskia

🎙️ In the latest episode of Breathe More, I had the pleasure talking with my Reset client, @saskia.katherine to share her empowering healing journey. Through her story, she beautifully illustrates how embracing her intuitive gifts has opened up a new world of possibilities. As an educator, Saskia seamlessly integrates her healing gifts with her professional life, showcasing a beautiful balance between the two.

Today, Tuesday Feb 20 @ 5pm pst, Saskia shares her intuitive gifts in a guest healer workshop in The Collective - my membership dedicated to empowering individuals on their journey of growth and healing. Join us as Saskia guides us through a transformative practice of forgiveness, whether directed towards oneself or others. Through breathwork and guided exercises, we will embrace a path of ‘Allowing the New’.

Dive into Saskia’s story and insights in the latest episode on your preferred podcast platform or my YouTube channel. 💫

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