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"This or something better."

Have you recently found yourself obsessing over a particular outcome or feeling anxious about the future? Well, you're not alone!

I was coaching a client this morning before a big (potentially life-changing) meeting. He had so much anxiety and fear around things not going his way (his mind felt that he would lose his worth and the respect of others.)

I asked him to reframe his mindset to view this meeting as just one of many opportunities coming his way. He will get the results he wants with this (meeting), or something better will come along.

As soon as he changed his view on this, he felt much lighter, empowered, and confident.

This or something better.

If you're struggling with something similar, I invite you to shift your perspective. Instead of dwelling on what might not work out, focus on the endless possibilities ahead.

Whatever outcome we desire, it's important to surrender and acknowledge that there's always more in store for us. Trust that the universe has a bigger plan for you, filled with abundance and happiness beyond your biggest dreams.

Life's magic is never limited to one path. The unknown can also be exciting because it's a place of possibility.

So, let's take a deep breath, let go of anxiety and worry, and have faith in your journey. Trust that, whether it's "this" or "something better," the universe has incredible plans for you.

xo Ana

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