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Are You Ready To Respond Instead Of React?

Do you find yourself being reactive? When I first start working with my RESET clients, their body and mind tend to be in a chronic state of stress. And because they are living in “survival mode”, they tend to be reactive. They notice they are short-tempered with their loved ones. They overreact to situations. They get defensive.

Reactions are instinctual and stem from the subconscious mind. There’s no filtering process when you react in a situation – you’re running on auto-pilot. When you react, you do and say things without thinking first and don’t consider the implications of what you do or say – you just act. Responses are more thoughtful. When you respond, you first explore the possible outcomes of your reply before saying a word. You may weigh the pros and cons and consider what would be best for yourself and others in the situation.

I teach them how to create a pause by using their breath so that they can respond to situations, versus react. Pausing and tuning in, calms your nervous system, which allows you to proceed with intention. This practice has helped my clients go from a constant state of stress and anxiety to being in control of their emotions and their life. If you're ready to learn how to respond instead of react, click here to learn more about my 1-1 coaching program RESET.

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