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Candle Breathing Method

Have you heard of the Candle Breathing Method?

It’s a technique used to teach kids how to breathe when they’re experiencing big emotions, aka, having a meltdown.

I suggest you get down to the child’s level and acknowledge how they might be feeling.

Then invite the child to breathe with you.

You can have the child use their fingers to represent candles. Have them take a deep breath and then “blow out the candle”.

Repeat this as many times as needed until the child is calm.

Another way to do this practice is by inviting the child to imagine they are smelling a flower.

Make sure you are also breathing with the child.

Give it a try and let me know how it worked out for you and the child.

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And download my Breathwork for Anxiety program, 9 meditations to teach you how to achieve calm.

Happy Breathing!

P.S. Want more info? Check out the article in Well+Good where I talk more about Breathwork for Kids: The Candle Method Is One of the Easiest Ways To Engage Kids in Breathwork, written by Jessica Estrada

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