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Fall Retreat is only two weeks away

There are two more weeks until my next in-person event… and this one is extra special. I’m hosting my Fall Retreat Saturday, Nov 6 at Cottonwood Urban Farm in LA @cufarm We are going to be surrounded by nature’s reminders to slow down, let go and ground.✨

You will be participating in different rituals to help you release. Including learning from Jazmin from @ranchocolibri_ about the healing properties of smoke cleansing with different herbs. Each of you will be making your own smudging bundles to take home. We will be releasing with a fire ceremony. And breathing outside in community. Afterward, @ritasoundyoga will help our body relax with a magical soundbath.

So let’s take an afternoon to go inward, reflect, release, and grow together. 🌻

Sign up now. 🍁🍂🤎

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