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Harness the Power to Control Your Life

I love helping my clients go from being in a state of overwhelm, confusion and emotional pain to feeling clear about what matters in their life.

It is so beautiful to watch as you begin to recognize how powerful you are and that you ARE in control of your life. In my RESET 1:1 coaching program, I help you step into your true potential, which allows you to manifest your goals!

We identify what is at the core of the biggest stressor in your life and using different healing exercises you start to take back your power. The combination of breath therapy and my clairvoyance, allows for accelerated healing and transformation.

By the end of our 10 weeks together, you will feel more confident, in control and happier. The best part is that it doesn't end there! You will be able to continue using the tools you learn in RESET anytime you begin to feel overwhelmed again.

“The fear of the unknown was a demon I faced bringing anxiety in so many aspects of my world. That is until I worked with Ana during her RESET Program.

I felt lost with my career, living situation, friendships, and recovering from an emotional breakup. With Ana's intuitive guidance, she helped me get to the root cause, and used powerful meditations to release the anxiousness and to build confidence.

I learned the importance of energetic boundaries, that saying no to someone is saying yes to yourself and most importantly she inspired/taught me how to fun again! Each week I held myself accountable for what we learned from the previous session and to do more activities for my light to shine brighter.

I now have the confidence speak up, I am following my intuition and passion for a new career path, and manifested an amazing new housing situation. All from the beautiful work, Ana and I did over the 6 weeks! The new love/relationship with myself, the strength, and the confidence I have today I contribute to Ana and The Reset Program. I am so thankful for Ana and her magic!”

- Krista

If you are ready to heal, set new boundaries that will support you in your life, and take action towards your goals, learn more about how RESET can help you. Currently interviewing clients for October. Sign up now!

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