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How to Build Your Healing or Wellness Business

When I started my healing journey over 10 years ago, I was in a dark place. Depressed, anxious, and I felt like a victim.

After my first healing session, I felt a complete shift in my energy. I had no idea how it happened, but I felt very validated by what was being reflected to me and I once again was able to feel hopeful.

This one session led me to years of exploring different healing modalities, creating awareness about my triggers, and learning new tools to create the life I desired.

Three years after my first healing session I went to a breathwork class. Everything came together for me in that class and I knew breathwork was the healing modality I wanted to share with others. I felt so alive and excited about life again and I wanted others to experience this too.

This is why so many of us go into the healing arts because we want to help people be free from pain. We want them to experience joy again, remember who they are at the core, and feel empowered.

If you’ve been wanting to help people heal by starting a wellness or healing business, but don’t know how to do it, join The Mentorship. This 3-month group program will teach you to go from being stuck due to imposter syndrome to feeling confident and clear about your offerings and how to make your business sustainable.

We start in two weeks. Need more information, join my free workshop next Monday, May 22 How to Build Your Healing or Wellness Business. Get a taste of the type of mentorship you will be getting for me. Sign up for FREE. ✨

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