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Imperfection Is A Form Of Freedom

Mantra of the week:

“Imperfection is a form of freedom.” - Mantra Los Angeles

This is something I am learning to lean into. Since the time I was a child, “being perfect” is how I felt I needed to be in order to be loved. I craved that outside validation, “I’m so proud of you, you’re doing great, you’re amazing”…and when I didn’t get those affirmations I would feel terrible and be so hard on myself for “failing”. I still find my inner child being upset and defensive when I don’t get “positive feedback.”

So I now practice giving myself more compassion and grace. I still do my best in everything I do, but if there is a “mistake,” I try to fix the problem and move on. I’m allowing more messiness in my life. And I’m not defining my worth nor how lovable I am by external factors.

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