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Is Your Brain Holding You Back?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Is your brain keeping you from the life you want?

Did you know that the average person has 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day?

That’s a lot of thoughts! But what is even more interesting is that 80% of those thoughts are negative and 95% of them are repetitive.

So, can you imagine how much time we waste every single week thinking the same negative thoughts over and over again?

More importantly, how does getting stuck in that negative thought cycle impact us — especially when you think about how vital our brains are when it comes to getting things done.

When your brain is stuck in that negativity loop, it can have a HUGE difference on how you spend your days. And how you spend your days is ultimately how you spend your life. It should come as no surprise that it can be a POWERFUL barrier to you creating the life you want.

I believe that everyone deserves to live a life they love — sometimes you just need a bit of help with creating the conditions to make it happen.

That’s what I’m here for!

Through RESET, I help my clients reprogram new beliefs so they can finally create and fully step into the lives they deserve and desire.

Here’s what one client has to say about her work with me:

“I had done a lot of healing work before starting RESET, but Ana takes you to a whole new level with this program. We went SO deep into healing past traumas and triggers that new layers of understanding and growth started to open and unfold in their place in such a beautiful and miraculous way.

I have newfound courage, strength, and knowing that helps me navigate through the ups and downs of life so much quicker. Ana helped me to turn up the volume on my life force, my light, and now I know that I am the only one who controls the dimmer switch. I am powerful. I feel like I’m a superhero, ready to share my love and light with everyone!" -Colby

I’d love to help you get your own personal transformation so you can finally embody your highest self and your divine purpose.

Book a free 30-minute call so we can find out how I can help you get out of a negative mindset and into one a positive mindset that will empower and support you on this journey.

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