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Manifesting with Breathwork

Manifesting with Breathwork

Last week’s Community Gathering was such a beautiful reminder of how healing it is when we come together and breathe in community. Which is why I am inviting you to join not just one but two breathwork classes happening next week!

Breathwork has been an incredible tool in my own life. I use it to regulate my nervous system, process emotions, and manifest. And I want to give you a taste of how I do that.

If you desire to bring more abundance into your life, I’m hosting a Breathwork for Abundance workshop Monday Oct 23. Through transformational breathing, we will embody our desires, plus there will be a live mini-coaching session to identify those roadblocks that might be creating resistance in your life. This workshop will give you a taste of what you can expect in the Dream Bigger Mastermind, which starts Wednesday Oct 25 and Thursday Oct 26!

And if life is feeling overwhelming and you want to connect with a sense of calm and peace, join our Monthly Breathwork Class Wednesday, October 25, and get ready to breathe, release, and relax. Join us and experience the healing powers of breathwork. All are welcome! No prior experience is necessary. Simply bring your curiosity, an open mind, and a willingness to explore the power of your breath.

Let’s breathe in the positive energy together and manifest a life with abundance and resilience. I’m excited to have you join us next week!

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