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Nature & Pets Heal Your Heart

Last week my friends from Wildland Retreats invited me to stay in their home. I was surrounded by nature and received so much love and play from their pets. It was exactly what my heart and body needed to process some current activations I’ve been dealing with.

Being in nature and around animals helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and loneliness, lowers blood pressure, and brings more inner peace and joy into your life.

That was exactly what last week was all about. However there was also a lot of crying that took place, but as I tell my clients, this is a good thing! Emotional tears release stress hormones and it actually helps to improve your mood. So don’t hold back those tears, let your body cleanse and heal itself.

Have you checked in with your body lately?

What type of support does it need?

This is a friendly invitation to make your well-being a priority this week. 💕

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