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Taking Community Gatherings to the Next Level

One of the beautiful things that has come out of the past couple of years is how much our Community Gatherings have grown.

We became a community of well over 3000 people!

It’s been amazing to be able to gather virtually with people and generate this flow of supportive and motivating energy that revitalizes us and helps us keep going, no matter what is happening in the world.

Although I know that the work I help you do is part of what keeps you coming back, I also believe a major factor is the community itself.

There’s something about being surrounded (whether virtually or in person) by like-minded people who get you that makes things more enjoyable — and maybe even a bit easier to manage.

That’s especially true when the community provides you with some sense of accountability.

Knowing that someone other than you is rooting for your success can give you motivation when you feel close to giving in or giving up.

That's why 6 months ago, I decided to take virtual gatherings to the next level and created a new membership, The Collective.

The Collective meets four times each month for moon circles, guest healer workshops, breathwork sessions, and coaching calls.

We have seen members experience deep healing, gain courage to take action on their goals, and manifest their biggest dreams.

And we've done it all knowing we are not alone.

Ready to join our community and get the support you're searching for to reach your big goals?

When you join now, you'll get access to our upcoming events and our private community app so you’re always connected to other Collective members.

PLUS this app has replay recordings from our past events so you can explore our past workshops on human design, self-love, creating a sacred space, and more!

Sign up here! 💛

📸 Rachel

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