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Welcome Spring into your home

This Saturday March 20th marks the 1st day of spring - also known as the Spring Equinox. Spring is a time of new life and fresh starts. Plants start to flower. Animals begin reproducing. The energy it brings (especially after a particularly long or harsh winter) is refreshing! It’s a great time to set new goals. It’s also the perfect opportunity to do a bit of house cleaning. Not just your actual home - your mind and body, too! Every Spring Equinox, I take the time to do a deep cleanse of my mind and body. Here are two of my favorite ways:

Smoke Cleansing My Energy

One of the big things I do (both during the Spring Equinox and whenever the need arises) is clear my home and energy with a smoke cleansing. Depending on your cultural beliefs, this is also sometimes referred to as smudging or saging. It’s an ancient practice that many North American indigenous cultures use in ceremony and to drive away toxic or negative energy from their space.

There are different tools you can use to conduct this sacred cleansing and healing ritual. Native Americans tend to burn bundles of dried white sage. Other cultures prefer to use lavender, palo santo or cedar smudge sticks. These days, you can even find white sage spray if you have a smoke sensitivity.

Once you’ve fully cleaned your space of clutter, you can clear out stagnant energy by lighting your chosen tool and blow out the flame so that only a glowing ember remains. Wave your cleansing tool around your head and body first, to cleanse yourself of negative energy. As you're cleansing, repeat a mantra that represents what you're trying to call into your life. Then, proceed to do the same in every part of your house, moving from room to room. Make sure to get in the corners, too! Open all of the windows and doors so you can waft the smoke (and the negative energy) out of your home.

Clearing My Emotions Through Breathwork

My go-to when I need some emotional cleansing is my own breathwork practice. In fact, one of my favorite meditations when I start spiraling into an anxious state is my Clear Your Mind Meditation. It helps me clear my mind, get out of any loop I’m feeling stuck in, regain a sense of clarity, and feel more at ease again. This meditation is included in my Breathwork for Anxiety program. I created the program for people who struggle with anxiety and need a simple, powerful way to bring themselves back to a place of calm. It contains a variety of meditations you can use to clear and ground yourself - no matter where you are. If this sounds like something you need in your life, I’d love for you to join us! Click here to learn more information.

I hope this helps you start your Spring off feeling refreshed and renewed!



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