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Connecting With Your Breath As A Pathway For Transformation

For as long as I can remember I have had "high-functioning" anxiety. The constant stress and anxiety that I felt didn't disrupt my day-to-day, but over the years I started to develop more severe symptoms. In my early 20s, I started to have nervous ticks, I would be hyper-vigilant, and I would grind my teeth at night. Then in my 30s, I started to have digestive issues and skin conditions. My energy levels were low. My body was asking me in different ways to slow down and go inward. Honestly, I didn't even know I was anxious until I started therapy 10 years ago. During that time I was also depressed and had a major "victim" story I was using to explain much of what was happening in my life. Then I randomly came across a breathwork class. I had no idea what it was but felt intrigued to check it out. And that's when my life changed. I was asked to lay on the ground and breathe in from my belly, then from my heart, and exhale. During the 30 minutes of active breathing I started to cry, my hands cramped up, I had an incredible emotional and physical release. I had never experienced anything like this before. And I felt like the depression cloud had lifted. Colors looked brighter. I felt alive again. And more importantly, I felt empowered. I fell in love with breathwork so much that I ended up becoming a certified breathwork coach. For the last 7 years, I've guided thousands of people to intimately connect with their breath as a pathway for transformation. I create personalized healing journeys by combining breathwork, intuitive guidance, and curated music. The combination of my clairvoyance and the active breathing creates an accelerated healing session. This work is deep. It's transformative. It's for anyone who is ready to show up for themselves and change their life. I see your beautiful light, your gifts, and I want you to see them too. I want you to celebrate them and share them with the world. If you are ready for a big transformation in your life and to learn tools to manage the overwhelm and anxiety, click here to learn more about my RESET 1:1 coaching program. I currently have 1 spot available for March and 2 to start in April.

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