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EP 40: Impact of Trauma: Okha Butler on Regulating the Nervous System

Updated: Apr 29

🎙️In Episode 40 of the Breathe More Podcast, I talked with Okha Butler, who specializes in helping people regulate their nervous system and heal from past traumas. Okha shares her inspiring journey from educator to intuitive healer and how she overcame her father’s wrongful incarceration by championing a cause that provides hope and support to those affected by the prison system - the Heart Center.

During the podcast, we discussed the crucial role of understanding our nervous system, the importance of taking a mindful pause, and how these tools can help us move from reaction to response. Okha also shares her insights on trauma, awareness, and empowerment, and how taking a deep breath can change the course of our lives.

Tune in now on your favorite podcast platform or head over to my YouTube channel to listen 🎙️

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