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1 year of consistently breathing together

Dear Community,

Happy Anniversary! That’s right…tomorrow marks a full year since the birth of Community Gathering. We have gathered together during some of the scariest, darkest, most stressful and uncertain times of our life. We have gathered 44 times to breathe. You have helped me grow our community to be 3000 people from around the world. Some of you had never meditated before and now you remind your loved ones to breathe when they are stressed. We have cried together, we've had breakthroughs, deep healings, and we have been reminded we are not alone in our struggles.

Take a minute right now to celebrate yourself for using the pandemic to go inwards. Breathe and reflect on the fact that you’re here right now. You made it! The challenges you’ve faced didn’t defeat you. You’ve done inner work and breathwork...and now you’re stronger than you were before.

I’m proud of you! And I’m so grateful that you’re part of this community. Please join us tomorrow to celebrate all that you have survived. I would love to see you and your loved ones as we go down memory lane and notice how much we have changed and grown in the last year. Plus, we're going to have a really fun playlist.

Sending all my love and gratitude.



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