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Breathe More Podcast Episode 20. I Bent a Spoon With My Mind

🎙️ New episode of Breathe More🎙️

Two weeks ago, I attended a conference for entrepreneurs that combined business strategies with mindset practices. They hosted a workshop where we had to bend a spoon with our minds (and hands). It was such a transformative experience that I recorded a whole podcast episode about it.

Here are a few key takeaways from my experience:

1. Harness The Power of Your Energy: The spoon-bending exercise reminded me that everything is energy, and by aligning our thoughts with the results we want, we have the power to manifest change. Connecting with our energy and projecting it onto our goals can yield incredible results.

2. Overcome Limiting Beliefs: The exercise brought up thoughts and memories of moments when I felt like I was forcing results, as well as limiting beliefs. Recognizing and releasing limiting beliefs is crucial in allowing us to tap into our full potential and create our desired reality.

3. Empower Your Mindset: Controlling our thoughts and nurturing a positive outlook is an ongoing journey. Being fully aware of our thoughts and learning to replace limiting beliefs with empowering statements can transform our mindset, allowing us to take aligned action toward our goals.

Learn more about my experience with bending the spoon on episode 20 of Breathe More. Listen on your favorite podcast platform or on my YouTube channel. 💫

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