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I Am Worthy Of Love

Mantra of the week: "I am worthy of love."

Self-love is the most powerful love.

Yet many of us struggle with it.

When you love yourself:

- You forgive yourself for your mistakes (no more beating yourself up for things in the past)

- You trust yourself because you finally believe you deserve happiness and work toward your own greater good.

- You have more confidence to dream big and pursue your goals.

- You stop feeling guilty for taking care of yourself because you realize that you matter and taking care of yourself is the top priority.

- Your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health improve because when you love yourself, you heal yourself

Let this be your reminder that you are deserving of love not just on Valentine's Day, but every day.

As a way to help you connect with your heart and see the beauty within you, I recorded a meditation for you. Download for free my Open Heart Meditation here.

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